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Eco Plant Pals

Grow from seed to plant
Manufacturer: DuneCraft

Picture of Fly Trap Fred
Fly Trap Fred
Venus Fly Trap Fred likes the swamp and hangs out with other carnivorous friends, like the alligator-seeing who can open their mouth wider.
Picture of Mary the Mover
Mary the Mover
Mimosa Plant Mary has beautiful pink ball-like flowers in the Spring.
Picture of Aloe Alin
Aloe Alin
Aloe Vera Plant Aloe is very handy and could be considered the universal fixer. Used for treating sunburns, cuts, and bites.
Picture of Damian Dragon
Damian Dragon
Coleus Plant. Damian is a powerful and willful Coleus. He is also known as the Black Dragon Coleus because of the fiery red and deep black colorations of his leaves.
Picture of Brian the Brain
Brian the Brain
Brain Plant. Brian is a very eccentric fellow. Sometimes he sleeps all day a nd stays awake all night. He can grow in a garden or in a pot.
Picture of Butterfly Beth
Butterfly Beth
Butterfly Bush. Beth readily produces millions of seeds to spread herself around. Wherever you find Beth, you will find a group. She grows fast and easy and can take root in many different places.

Each self-contained kit includes a biodegradeable pot made from corn, seeds, sprouting mixture, gravel, sticker and trading card. Choose from the following:

Aloe Alin (aloe vera)

Brian the Brain (brain plant)

Butterfly Beth (butterfly bush)

Damian Dragon (coleus)

Fly Trap Fred (venus fly trap)

Mary the Mover (mimosa)

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